I started a Google+ page for our paper the first day Google launched business pages figuring it was a good move to get on the network early. But things have been rough-going so far.

Despite recent articles about “massive” membership growth on Google+, I’m finding not that many Marin residents or companies are using the site. There are tons of amazing photographers posting images of the Marin Headlands, Golden Gate Bridge and other gorgeous shots. But even our local cities and agencies don’t have pages, making it hard to connect with folks who would be interested in our coverage.

Far as I can tell, most folks on Google+ are interested in technology news but not so much local stories. Other smallish papers in our newspaper group seem to have launched pages on the network and just given up. I continue to post, but it’s really challenging to get the word out about our page since we can’t add regular people to our circles, only businesses. And, as I said, there aren’t even many Marin businesses there.

I saw this problem mentioned in a Mashable article in December on the Pros & Cons of Google+ for Small Business, but so far Google doesn’t seem to be changing the rules. Hoping that will happen soon.