Someone from work forwarded me this link about responding to every comment on your business Facebook page.
It’s an interesting post, but I think things are a bit more complicated when your business is a newspaper. We’re walking a fine line between interacting with our readers and still remaining neutral.
On our Facebook page, I try to acknowledge every comment, but I also don’t want to annoy people by barging into the conversations that we started. For example, if we post a story about medical marijuana and ask our readers’ views, it kind of kills the conversation if we’re commenting on every response.
Also, I can’t really tip my hat in either direction when responding to comments on a topic like that. It even makes me nervous to “like” comments that fall on one side or another of a given issue.
As journalists, we’re lucky that we have lots of interesting content to post to social media. We’re not just creating stuff FOR Twitter or Facebook — writing is already our job.
But the “thou shalt not reveal thy opinion” edict of journalism (excluding editorials of course) limits how we can interact on social media and in some ways makes us seem more boring than we actually are.