I do most of our most of Facebook posts by hand, but some of our overnight posts come from RSS Graffiti.

We also have dlvr.it posting our “Daily Deal.”

Ever since Facebook made major changes to news feed last month, impressions are WAY down for any kind of automated post.

We’re getting maybe one tenth of what we used to get, presumably because anything from an RSS feeder doesn’t get marked as a “Top Story” even if people comment on it or like it.

Apparently, other news organizations (and I assume anyone with a fan page) are having the same problems.

I turned off the RSS Graffiti on the site because what’s the point if no one is seeing the posts, and it was behaving somewhat unpredictably anyway.

The deals are more complicated because they come from some kind of corporate entity in our newspaper group, so it’s somewhat difficult to get them in advance and hand post them.